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Margarine Fun

Back in May, 2019 we posted on Facebook how margarine was one molecule away from a certain vinyl substance. As a result we got a warning. This was our reply. It seems the margarine/plastic post is considered false and inflammatory. Much like margarine itself. My apologies if you now have a false Information flag on your Facebook page because of it. We are buddies. Read on for some factual infor…

Olde Thyme Herbals

John Parkinson. 1640. Published a 1776 page tome on herbal medicines. The medicines of the time. He mentions Claudius Galen (AD 130-200), Dioscorides—mid first century AD, Matthiolus (1501-1577) , Pliny the elder (AD23-79) Written with a pot of ink and a nib. Burnt wood images. I am but a foundling in the world of herbal medicine. I have devoted part of my time to the study, the practice, the m…