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Back to Normal?

Whew! What a time we've had of it. Stress, confusion. The unknown. Health issues, money issues, will there be any toilet tissue? I don't know about you, but I did finally relaxed into the new restrictions. Deep within my family,  enjoying a slower way of life. Baking bread, weeding the garden. A walk. A cup of tea, a bottle of wine. And we can came out of it slowly, to Level 3. Add a gra…

Mum's Day

Many moons ago, I had small children. Heaps of them. It was chaos. Pets, children, their friends, our friends, sport Saturdays, the endless amount of mess. And the food! So much food. I think back on it and wonder how? How was there enough energy to do it all? Was I really that young?As mother's day approaches, this commercially labelled day with its expectations of clean homes, happy children, an…