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Herbal Ramblings

#6 Stress & Shootings

Stress. Trauma. Uncertainty. Fear. Christchurch, New Zealand joins the rest of the world. Mass shootings based on hate. Now we get to wonder if loved ones will return from shopping or work. Will our children be safe at school? Like so many people worldwide, we get to worry. How can we handle this change? We’ve had the long term stress from devastating earthquakes and the tens of thousands of…

#5 Christmas Tidings

There is beauty everywhere. In life and in death. For those of you struggling this holiday season, be it from the loss of someone or from the process of losing someone, I ache for you.My daughter’s last Christmas was horrid yet intensely gorgeous. Weak, skeletal, wanting nothing more than her siblings, her dad, her mum. Songs sung, a hand held. Her laughing at her favourite video even though…