sandra-wheat-field-harvest.jpgA rare sighting of Sandra, the herbalist, hunting herbs in their natural habitat!

Welcome to Herb Nerd NZ. 

We love herbs. Love, love, love them. In addition to dispensing supplements and herbal remedies, Sandra has concocted many a lotion and potion in clinic. Over the years our own creams, balms, salves, syrups, and draughts for sleep, anxiety & coughs have emerged. Over and over we were told, "You should sell these." In Sandra's literal brains, she'd think, "We just did."

Then one day, it clicked. 

Herb Nerd NZ products are now available at markets, online, & in store at Unit 2, 27 Waterman Place in Ferrymead.

Herb Nerd NZ products are made from organic ingredients with no preservatives and no other additives. The herbs are carefully chosen. We have the privilege of wild crafting herbs on a local organic farm. We order from reputed suppliers & growers. We infuse the oils. This takes time. Sometimes up to twelve weeks.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches, drawing on herbal experience & knowledge, clinical observations, a science background in chemistry & biology, and a deep love of herbal medicine. We are excited to share them with you. They are pretty darn fine products. And while some of them might not be pretty they'll get the job done. Our skincare range is second to none.

To purchase our products we have our online shop, our new shop, or check out our 'Find Us" page to find one near you. Come and try the products. Some smell divine. Some are downright medicinal. And, not all products are on our website. So now you have to come and see us! Be sure to say hi. It's always great to see you. 

If you want to read more on Sandra, The Nerd, please do. 

Sandra has a diploma in Clinical Herbal Medicine from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry from Canada. She has been a member of New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists & Natural Health Council of New Zealand.

Sandra's interest in alternative health care began in 2001 with the birth of their Down Syndrome girl. The doctors had no information or advice. “Get ready for the Special Olympics,” they said. Lost and bewildered she found a naturopath in Canada. With his help, their girl became stronger and more alert. It was intriguing.

The Walsh family emigrated from Canada to New Zealand in 2003. They arrived in this beautiful country with four children, thirteen suitcases, and no keys. It was a grand adventure negotiating left hand driving, understanding the Kiwi accent, and wondering if being called a 'dag' was a good thing or not.

Imagine Sandra's surprise to find the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine right here in Christchurch. Affordable (well, almost!) Local. International qualification. So off she leapt into the world of holistic health. Another grand adventure. 

The world of natural health care can be overwhelming. There are products in chemists, grocery stores, on TV, online, and on the radio. Each one claims it is the best, it will solve all problems, or it's the best one yet. It’s overwhelming.

We can help you negotiate the herbal madness. Together we can sort through herbal & nutritional supplements and tailor treatment to your specific needs. We can work with your doctor’s prescriptions. Let us be your guide.‚Äč

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call.

Please call, email, or text to book your appointment. 

We look forward to meeting you.

Sandra.      027-861-1499