Herbal Support During Lockdown

A time of retreat. Quiet. Family together. Cosy. Also a time of incredible stress because the family is together. Jobs are on the back burner or you might be trying to work from home. Income has decreased. Fun times. During lockdown the clinic is closed. No face to face consults. There is the phone, though. If you have any concerns please get in touch. Stress is insidious. Maybe you're not sleeping or you're exhausted. Maybe you're short tempered or you're hands are shaking. All I can say is call. Please. There are herbal medicines that can help. We can have herbal supplements shipped to you directly from herbal supply companies. Help is available.

If you need something for sleep or adrenal support, call. If your eczema is flaring and you need kawakawa or a cream call. There is an extensive herbal tea selection. A custom blend can be made for your situation. We have herbal supplements, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and more to help support your immune system. We can courier prescriptions and topical products when the state of emergency has been lifted. We will ship to you or you can pick up outside our clinic at a pre-arranged time. Since our clinic is from our home, it makes it a bit easier to get your products to you.

When your package arrives, please wash the courier bag with soap and water. Even though I wash my hands before packaging your products, wash the supplement bottle with soap and water or leave it to sit for 72 hours from ordering time before opening. The bags of tea would need to sit for 24 hours from ordering. These measures are an extra step to ensure the virus does not spread. 

Please know your natural healthcare provider is still available. Counsellors are also available for skype chats.

We are in this together. It's a whole new world for all of us at the moment. 

Peace & Love.