BodyBio Zinc Drops

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Zinc. A trace mineral that is so very important to us.

It helps with immunity, mood, digestion, fine motor skills, skin integrity, & hormone manufacture. Most enzymes require zinc to function. 

If you're low on zinc, one of the first things to go is a sense of smell. It's such a gradual loss it is quite often overlooked. Next, a sense of taste (although there is no accounting for how some people dress, The Nerd included.) After that, the immune system starts to struggle, wounds don't heal, hair becomes dry and brittle. Nails break easily.

You can always come in to the shop and have a zinc taste test. It's an excellent indicator of zinc levels. 

What causes low zinc? Your diet can be pristine and perfect and your zinc levels can be low. Stress. It saps mineral resources. Gut dysbiosis. If your gut is inflamed or irritated, zinc will not be absorbed. The liquid form of zinc is easier to absorb especially if your guy is struggling. Medications. Some medications deplete zinc. Alcohol. Drinking depletes zinc. Poor sperm motility. Yes, it can be an indication of low zinc. Men need more zinc that women as it is used for sperm production. And as we know, men never stop production.

If you are low, then therapeutic doses are recommended to get your tanks topped up. Very important when winter approaches and the cold & flu season descends. 

This supplement delivers 7.8 mg per 7 drops. A maintenance dose is 11-15 mg per day. A therapeutic dose can be quite high for a short period of time, then halved, then down to the recommended maintenance dose. 

BodyBio zinc is in the zinc sulphate form. Take with food to avoid stomach upsets. 

We have zinc bisglycinate forms in the shop if you find zinc sulphate is not to your liking.

This supplement is vegetarian.