Bug, Insect Repellent

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Are you the person everyone loves to have around because the bugs love you? Well, this repellent is for you. It helps repel sandflies, mosquitoes, midges, and flies. Enjoy your summer evenings again. 

The scent is floral with a hint of freshness because The Nerd hates lemon-furniture-polish-smelling natural repellents. Bug contains no citronella, no lemon eucalyptus, nor lemon essential oils. And yet, it works beautifully. On a hot summer day it is quite refreshing, too.

Bug is a water based product. It's a combination of five essential oils which work wonders in scaring insects away. Shake the bottle vigorously then apply. Re-apply as required.

If you have a sensitivity to or hate lavender, there is some lavender in this product. One out of five. 

Bug has been tested on the west coast near Westport, in Hamner, and in Nuie with amazing results. 

Ingredients: Purified water (89%), essential oil blend (11%).

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