Bug 'n Sun

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An organic, moisturising sunscreen with insect repelling essential oils. It is one of my favourite sunscreens. The scent is pleasant without the lemony smell of natural insect repellents.

As a scuba diving family, we are acutely aware of the effect of regular sunscreens on coral reefs and sea life. Herb Nerd Sunscreen does not contain any nasties such as oxybenzone, PABAs, octinoxate, retinyl palmate, or nanoparticles. Sigh. That's a lot to take in, isn't it? Even pronouncing some of them is difficult yet we put it on our skin. And our babies. If it's toxic to ocean critters, what's it doing to ourselves? *Steps down from soapbox.*

The organic butters of shea, mango, cocoa, and cupuacu provide a creamy base. Organic oils of jojoba, hemp seed, meadowfoam, and olive add to the lusciousness. Spray-free, wildcrated Kawakawa infused oil provides extra goodness. Non-nano zinc at 25% provides an estimated SPF of 40+.

Safe for young, old, and pregnant. Kind to coral reefs and sea life. 

Apply generously. Re-apply after swimming or heavy sweating. 

As always, please patch test for allergies and before using only this as a sunscreen.


Ingredients: Certified organic Theobroma grandiflora fruit butter, Certified organic Mangifera indica seed butter, Certified organic Vitellaria paradoxa fruit butter, Certified organic Theobroma cacao fruit butter, Certified organic Simmondsia chinensis fruit oil, Certified organic Cannabis sativa seed oil, Certified organic Oleo europaea fruit oil, Certified organic Limnanthes alba seed oil, Wildcrafted spray-free Macropiper excelsum leaf, Non-nano zinc (25%), essential oil blend.

*Please note that all balms, salves, & creams are packaged in glass containers. We do not use aluminium pottles, even though it would be really cool. Aluminium is a metal linked to Alzheimer's disease, dementia, & early osteoporosis, just to name a few. It loves to settle in the myelin sheaths which surround nerve tissues and in the fatty tissue inside bones. So, apologies, no metal containers & no plastic ones, either. Plastic chemicals are linked to autoimmune diseases, endocrine dysfunction, and some cancers. Since aluminium containers are lined in plastic, well, you get the drift. 

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