Calendula Oil, Organic

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Gorgeous Calendula. It soothes sore skin, rashes, dermatitis, heals wounds, tends to bedsores, takes care of bruises. It crosses swords with eczema, tackles sunburns, and heals tattoos. It even helps with acne. Calendula is great for sore nipples, but please be aware this contains sweet almond oil. 

Using an oil for the treatment of eczema, burns, and rashes is important as there is no water to dehydrate skin that is already compromised. Calendula's anti-inflammatory action is derived from its flavonoid & linoleic acid content. These compounds help to decrease inflammation causing cytokines, C-reactive proteins, and the like. Pretty darn fascinating. Well, it is for a herb nerd.

Uses (there are so many!):
Acne (apply, leave for 10 min, remove with warm flannel)
Burns (not open, no blisters)
Cracked skin
Nappy rash
Radiation burns
Sore nipples
Sore skin
Sunburn (mild)
Tattoo healing

Apply the oil to the affected area as required. Patch test for allergies, please.

On a personal note, this oil has been used on radiation burns with good success. Combine it with Lavandula angustifola essential oil (10 drops essential oil per 30 mls Calendula Oil.) Use the oil after radiation. A few drops three to four times a day. Do not use 18 hours before radiation, though. That will make the burn worse. Unsure? Contact us, we're always happy to help! 

Ingredients: Certified organic Calendula officinalis flos, Certified organic Prunus amydalus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil). No preservatives. No additives.




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