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Yes, that was our garden. (The roses had to be cut back as they were getting into the roof space. Very very sad!) In the morning, the scent is divine. At one time there were over one hundred rose bushes. There are considerably fewer now as the garden undergoes its changes. There is a small herb garden where a few select herbs grow. But enough about that! 

You're here about the clinic.

Heathcote Valley Herbal Medicine, now called Herb Nerd NZ, has been in operation for ten years. During that time many a tincture, herbal supplement, & Bach flower remedy have been prescribed. Nutritional advice, nutritional supplements, & lifestyle advice have flowed in abundance. And they still do.

We are located at Unit 2 - 27 Waterman Place in Ferrymead. It's time. It makes it easier to pick up prescription refills or herbal orders & to have a dedicated manufacturing space. It really, really is exciting. Feel free to drop by and say Hi. Have a look, see how it's going. The clinic is on the first floor.

We still have our dispensary of herbal tinctures from MediHerb and PhytoMed. Tinctures are the alcohol extracts of herbs. They are potent, effective medications. A tincture is customised for your health concern and is an easy way to take several herbs in one go. Because it is made just for you, the remedy fits you rather than the other way around. The usual dose is 5-7 mls twice a day. 

Our professional grade supplements include MediHerb, Orthoplex, Eagle, Metagenics, Researched Nutritionals, & Thorne. These are the tablet, capsule, or liquid forms of herbs, herbal combinations, vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. The prices are too varied to list here. The products are tested for quality, the proper herb and the proper part of the herb being used, purity, and even the containers are tested for safety. Because they are professional grade, the number of tablets prescribed will be lower than the supplements you find at retail or online outlets. 

Herbal teas are sourced from reputed growers and herbal supply companies where they are quality tested for purity and efficacy. We choose organic, organically grown, or spray-free herbs. Because they are of a professional grade, our teas can be used up to three times and still retain their medicinal value. This means you make a cup of tea. Then you can re-use those herbs for a second cup of tea. Even with the third cup you reap the therapeutic benefits. We package our teas in biodegradable, compostable kraft bags by econic. They look like they are foil lined, but they are not. You can put them in your worm farm or home compost bin, but take the label off first. Have a look at for more information.

We offer functional testing from Doctor's Data, US BioTek, Great Plains Laboratory Tests, Precision Analytical Tests, dnalife, Labrix, Dunwoody Labs,, & Lipid Technologies. These are comprehensive tests for heavy metal loads, hormone levels, genetic methylation or detoxification problems, bone health, and much more. These are offered at our cost price. You can book in for a follow up consult for test interpretation. These tests can help with supplement selection, dietary adjustments, and exercise regimens.

Functional Tests:
Doctor's Data Hair Essential & Toxic Elements: $125.35 (Heavy Metals)
Doctor's Data Faecal Toxic Metals: $240.35 (Heavy Metals)
Doctor's Data Urine Toxic Elements: $136.85 (Heavy Metals)
Dunwoody Labs: Complete Thyroid: $145.00
Great Plains: GPL-Tox: $327.00 (Environmental Chemical Toxins Test)
Great Plains: Glyphosate $159.00 ($ 97.00 if added on to GPL-Tox) A test for Round-Up Toxicity.
KBMO Diagnostics: FIT 132 $458.85 (Food intolerances)
KBMO Diagnostics: FIT 22 $185.85
KBMO Diagnostics: Zonulin $349.00 (Gut permeability $289.00 added on to FIT 22, 132)

There are other tests available to test for parasites, yeast, SIBO, H. pylori, & hormones. The ones listed are used mainly for heavy metal toxicity, detox, food allergies and intolerances, & thyroid function.

You are emailed your results. A follow up appointment of one hour is recommended to discuss the results. If you have a functional physician or another healthcare provider to discuss the results with you are most welcome to order the tests here and take your results to them. A gentle request is that you do not try to treat yourself using the wonders of the web.
Consult a healthcare provider please.

Lifestyle advice ranges from remedies for low stomach acid, to diaphragmatic breathing, to sleep promoting tips, to getting started in the herbal world. Again, this is tailored to your needs.

What happens when I book an appointment?

Remember to bring in your list of supplements or medications you are taking and any blood test results from the last six months. Once inside we have a chat.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it is. We chat about your health. The reason you’ve come. Remember you're talking to a medical herbalist. We love to hear about your headaches, your sleeping habits, your bowel habits, your cough, your aches and pains. We really do. And this takes time.

From our conversation, blood tests may be suggested or ordered. You can take the list to your doctor or you can take a prescription directly to the lab and pay for the tests yourself. Either way.

Herbs, supplements, diet, lifestyle suggestions, and/or Bach flowers are recommended.
A written summary of your visit can be provided. You get information based on our conversation, treatment aims, and a reminder sheet on how to take your herbal medicines.

Your first appointment is usually an hour. An hour and a half is booked just in case.
A follow up appointment in two weeks can be booked. At that appointment any concerns or changes can be made. Please, don’t wait that long if you have any questions. We're available by phone, email, messenger, or text during business hours.

Appointments after the two weeks can range from weekly, monthly, or six weekly. It really depends on you health, your wellness, and treatment plan.

To book an appointment please call or text on 027-861-1499 or via email at

If you would like to book in, that would be grand.
Warm regards,

Clinic hours by appointment:
8 am - 10 am Tuesday to Friday
10 am - 2 pm Thursdays
5 pm - 7 pm Wednesdays

Our location:
Unit 2, 27 Waterman Place
Ferrymead, Christchurch 8022

Contact Information:
Herb Nerd NZ on Facebook or Instagram

Our fees:
Consult, 1 hour: $85.00
Consult, 1/2 hour: $42.50
First Consult, 1.5 hours: $100.00
Energy Healing, 1 hour: $50.00

Eftpos, credit cards, online banking, & cash are payment options.
Banking details:
ASB 12-3483-0017096-00


What can herbal medicine treat?

Herbal medicine can assist with the treatment most health concerns. Some examples include skin problems, digestive complaints, headaches, aches & pains, arthritis, colds & flu, tiredness, erectile dysfunction, PMS, insomnia, or just not feeling yourself. Herbal medicine can have a supportive role in cancer therapy, radiation treatment, pre- & post-surgical conditions, and for the maintenance of your current health.

It can be tailored to work alongside your physician’s prescribed treatment. Should you require the skills of another health care professional, you will be referred. 

It can be overwhelming, the choices available now. There is no one magic bullet to cure all that ails. It takes time to return to health. We can help.