Conditioning Hair Mask, Organic

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A delicious treat for your hair. Oh my goodness it is amazing. Developed in clinic for severely damaged and sore scalps its effects on hair were stunning. Full, shiny, silky hair.

Conditioning Hair Mask is a combination of organic oils, organic unrefined shea butter, and infused organic herbs. They all have their healing, soothing, and nutritive role to play.

The rich oils of sea buckthorn, argan, amla, jojoba, and sweet almond impart their own healing properties, repair damage, and provide shine.

Sea Buckthorn is protective and rich in vitamins. It helps with collagen production and can heal damaged scalps. It can help prevent hair loss as it is nutritive for hair follicles.It also provides some UV protection for hair. It is bright orange and gives this hair mask its unique colour.

Argan oil provides moisture retention and imparts silkiness to hair. It heals scalp conditions and dandruff. It is chocka with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

Amla infused sesame seed oil helps to strengthen hair shafts, prevents split ends and damage. It adds shine hair. Sesame seed oil is pure nutrition as it contains vitamin E, minerals, and is known to help with scalp health.

Jojoba is a wax ester and remains on the hair shaft providing shine and silkiness. It helps in the treatment of dandruff and can encourage hair growth. It just gets better and better.

Sweet almond oil is included to help with shine, hair strength, and tangles. It is rich in fatty acids (good for hair,) vitamin E, proteins, and minerals.

Meadowfoam oil is extracted from Limnanthes alba. It seals in moisture, provides protection from the elements and from hair styling. It helps tame the frizz.

Unrefined shea butter is deeply nourishing for hair and skin. It provides softness, silkiness, and moisture. Unrefined shea butter retains more of its therapeutic value. To refine shea butter it is subjected to intense heat and chemical extraction. The butter is white and odourless. You will notice our product is not bleached white but has a light nut colour and scent. It is the unrefined shea butter.

The herbs included are Chamomile flowers, Calendula petals, Rosemary, Nettle, and Horsetail. They provide healing, strength, anti-microbial action, and nutrition.

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and decreases dandruff & itching. It can provide shine as well. 

Calendula is wound healing, soothing, and anti-microbial.

Rosemary is nourishing, helps increase blood flow, and strengthens hair.

Nettle contains silica which helps strengthen hair and heal the scalp. Nettle helps decrease oiliness, itching, and dandruff.

Horsetail is another silica rich herb to promote strong healthy hair. Horsetail gives the mask a yellow tinge.

Conditioning Hair Mask is thick and nourishing.

Caution with nut allergies please, due to sweet almond oil.

Directions for Use:
Scoop a tablespoon onto hands. Warm and massage into scalp. Dependent on hair length scoop out some more mask and apply to hair from root to tip. Leave in for at least 20 minutes. It's about enough time to read a book, gaze at the stars, have a cup of tea or glass of wine. Shampoo as normal. Admire your beautiful hair.

To spot treat split ends or damaged ends of hair, apply to tips of hair and leave for 30 minutes. Shampoo as normal.

**Unrefined shea butter, **Rosemary infused **sweet almond oil, **Amla infused **sesame seed oil, **Sea Buckthorn fruit oil, **Cold pressed Moroccan argan oil, **Jojoba oil, **Meadowfoam oil, **Matricaria recutita flos, **Calendula officinalis corolla, **Urtica dioica herb, **Equisetum arvense herb, Filtered, purified water, **Emulsifier O (Ecocert approved, vegan friendly, Derived from olives: Cetearyl olivate & sorbitan olivate,) Geogard 221 (Ecocert approved, COSMOS compliant,) Essential oil blend, Bach flowers. **Denotes Certified Organic.

Unsure what Ecocert or COSMOS compliant means? provides more information.





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