Energy Healing


Have you ever thought, “Wow, the energy of this place is amazing,” or “Ugh, I can’t stand being in this room.” How about, “Boy, that person really brightened my day.” Well, that’s all part of the energy that’s around us. It can be felt without even realising. Maybe you “connect” with some people, maybe you don't. Our language is limited but we seem to intuitively know about energy. We talk about it, we feel it, we tend to ignore it, brush it off and carry on. It's described in Chinese medicine as meridians or in Eastern medicines as chakras or biofields. These are all energy.

When energy is flowing and in harmony things seem light and easy. Some call it happy or content. When the energy is blocked or dampened things tend to feel heavy or sad. Anger takes hold. Life become difficult and overwhelming. Blocked energy can cause pain, illness, disease, anger, or isolation.

Energy healing is about aligning our energy meridians, chakras, or biofields to get the energy flowing freely. It can bring about a sense of peace and calmness. Anxiety tends to drop by the wayside. It can help with illnesses and can decrease pain. Energy healing is used extensively in hospitals and clinics in North America and is here in New Zealand. An example of one is called Healing Touch.

Healing Touch was developed in the USA by registered nurse Janet Mentgen. She found it helped with patients’ pain and helped those in palliative care become more peaceful. Because it was so successful, she realised it needed to be shared. Education and training in Healing Touch began in 1989. It’s spread through the medical community and was incorporated in New Zealand in 2003.

There is science behind Healing Touch. Follow this link for more information and the practice of Healing Touch.

In clinic, Sandra has found herbal medicine to be extremely helpful for clients. Herbs, nutrition, lifestyle advice, and Bach flowers have helped so many people yet something was lacking. There was the emotional component, of course, but there was something else. Through conversations with other practitioners, healers, and clients, an energetic part of healing showed itself time and time again. So with the same fascination of herbal medicine study, Sandra is now a student of energy healing. Healing Touch was chosen due it’s medicinal applications and the research that supports it.

Sandra has completed three levels of a four level program. Level four will be completed some time next year due.

She needs your help. She needs to practice. Heaps. You will need to book in for 1.5 hours but the session is only for one hour. (Why? Well, extra time may be needed as she learns and she likes to chat.) Call or text on 027-861-1499, or email at

What happens at an energy healing appointment?

As with a herbal consult, we have a chat first. We discuss any pain you might have, any illnesses, headaches, gut aches, mood, all the things that make a herbalist happy.

After that, energy fields are assessed. Energy healing can be done in a chair or on a treatment table. You remain fully clothed. The practitioner, that’s Sandra, works from a grounded place with intentions of the highest good for you. Any blocks are released through the energy in her hands. The Healing Touch website describes this quite well.

Just so you know, Sandra has been amazed by the effects of energy healing. It has helped clients with anxiety, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, insomnia, and migraines when their physicians have exhausted all their options. Please consider booking in. She’d love to see you.

Because Sandra is a student, her normal consult fee is drastically reduced. And, because these sessions are so popular there a fee or koha of $50. 

Please consider booking in. We'd love to see you.

P.S. Thanks to Sharon Powney for the photo of the tree. Please give her credit if you borrow it. The one below is Sandra's. Give her credit, too, if you borrow it. 

Peace and love.