Hair Serum, Organic

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It's just plain gorgeous. Nourishing treatment for your hair. It really helps damaged, overworked hair. Use it after cleansing or as a warm oil treatment. You will be delighted with the results. Soft, silky, shiny hair.

Organic oils of Cacay, Jojoba, Argan, & Apricot Kernel combine to tame flyaway hair, condition damaged hair, and bring back the shine. A light fragrance of Rosa damascena goes along for the ride.

Cacay oil contains high amounts of vitamin E, A, and retinol. While excellent for skincare it does wonders for hair. It provides shine, silkiness, and can protect against split ends.

Jojoba oil is quite nourishing for hair. It promotes thickness and shine and is healing for the scalp.

Argan oil. What's not to love? It protects hair from the elements, nourishes and conditions it. It's wonderful for flyaway hair, frizzy hair, or split ends.

Apricot kernel oil helps to thicken hair and maintain its suppleness. Its oleic and linoleic acids help with moisture retention, heal the scalp and decrease dandruff.

Instructions: Drop 5-10 drops onto palms or fingers. Rub together. Run through freshly cleansed hair. Do not rinse. As a warm oil treatment, warm some oil and rub through hair. Leave for an hour or more. Shampoo as normal, no need for conditioner.

Ingredients: Certified organic Prunus armeniaca oil (apricot kernel oil), Certified organic Simmondsia chinensis oil (jojoba oil), Certified organic Argania spinosa oil (argan oil), Certified organic Caryodendron orinocense oil (cacay oil), Rosa damascena essential oil. No preservatives. Nothing else.

Use 10 drops per day and 15 mls will last for one month.


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