Houjicha Green Tea, Organic

Size Required
Houjicha Green Tea is a Japanese roasted green tea with a gentle, nutty flavour. It is a lovely tea to have after a meal or just because. It is calming and can help untangle stress. Houjicha tea is known to have good levels of L-theanine which can help with relaxation and the ability to focus.

The second photo shows you the volume of 20 grams of our Houjicha tea. It is almost at the 125 ml mark in a measuring cup. One cup uses 1 gram of tea and you can use the tea leaves up to three times. That gives you 60 cups of tea.

Sample size is enough for four cups of tea. If you re-use the herbs three times, this gives you twelve cups! Please note, sample size is not sold by weight, but by volume.

Infuse 1 gram in approximately 200 mls of
boiled water for one to three minutes.
This depends on your taste.
If brewed longer it tends to get bitter.
Can be re-used up to three times.

Certified organic Houjicha green tea leaves.

 All teas are packaged in econic kraft bags.
They are compostable, biodegradable bags.
Although they look like they are lined with foil, they are not.

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