Organic Calendula Salve

Size 30 grams

Simple. Healing. Soothing.

Calendula is renowned for its healing properties. It is anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibacterial, and calming.

Use this salve to help with bruises, rashes, burns, cold sores, eczema, inflammation, sore nipples, nappy rash, wound healing, tattoo healing, and sunburn. Whew! That's a lot to take in.

Apply to affected area as required. As with all skin products, please test on a small area of your skin first. 

Caution with nut allergies as sweet almond oil is used.

Ingredients: Certified organic Calendula officinalis flos, Certified organic Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Certified organic New Zealand beeswax. No preservatives. No additives.

30 grams

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