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Quick View Arnica Ointment, Organic

Arnica Ointment, Organic

$24.99 - $34.99
Arnica.It's absolute magic for healing bruises, sprains,burns, wounds, insect bites, or rashes.It helps decrease inflammation and provides pain relief.Massage onto inflamed joints, swollen knees, sciatica, or an area of back pain.  Our...
Quick View Bug Bite Balm, Organic

Bug Bite Balm, Organic

$7.99 - $11.99
Ugh. Itchy bites. They're so annoying. Or you've been gardening and develop an itchy rash. Herb Nerd Bug Bite Balm can help. Yes, for itchy rashes too. It contains plantain, calendula, & chamomile which are effective treatments for insect bites,...
Quick View Calendula Salve, Organic

Calendula Salve, Organic

Simple. Healing. Soothing. Calendula is renowned for its healing properties. It is anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibacterial, and calming. Use this salve to help with bruises, rashes, burns, cold sores, eczema, inflammation, sore nipples, nappy...
Quick View Calm, Organic

Calm, Organic

We've all heard, Keep Calm and Carry On.Well, keep some Calm on hand to help you carry on. Chamomile infused oil is combined with  five essential oilsto help decrease anxiety, decrease stress, and help with sleep. These oils are uplifting without...
Quick View Comfrey, Organic, 40 grams

Comfrey, Organic, 40 grams

Comfrey. Known as knitbone or the wound healer. For thousands of years humans have used comfrey in the healing of bruises, broken bones, sprains, & wounds. It is anti-inflammatory and encourages cell proliferation. Because of that, please do not use...
Quick View Kawakawa Cream, Organic

Kawakawa Cream, Organic

$19.99 - $29.99
Kawakawa. Mmmmm. It works wonders for so many skin conditions. Use this soothing, buttery cream to help with eczema, psoriasis, bruises, rashes, burns, wounds, and more. Nursing and things are pretty sore? This will help your tender tidbits and won't...
Quick View Kawakawa Lip Balm, Spray-free

Kawakawa Lip Balm, Spray-free

An organic lip balm with the healing power of New Zealand's Kawakawa and the restorative action of rose hip oil. Soothing for chapped lips, healing cracked lips, cooling sunburned lips, or protection from the elements. The Kawakawa has been wildcrafted...
Quick View Kawakawa Salve, Spray-free

Kawakawa Salve, Spray-free

$7.00 - $29.99
New Zealand's Kawakawa is amazing. This unassuming herb helps with skin conditions ranging from eczema to nappy rash. Herb Nerd NZ Kawakawa Salve provides a healing barrier for eczema. Use it to prevent irritation of the skin. It soothes, heals, and...
Quick View LavandaCalm, Organic

LavandaCalm, Organic

A creamy balm to help with anxiety and sleep. Rub a small amount on wrists, temples or feet to experience the calming affects of lavender. Lavender is known to help the anxious mind and can help induce sleep. Use this balm if you're feeling anxious or...
Quick View Marshmallow Lip Balm, Organic

Marshmallow Lip Balm, Organic

No it doesn't contain real marshmallows! Sad, I know. However, the organic herbs Calendula, Marshmallow, and Lemon Balm are ready to help. Organic oils, organic beeswax, and a light scent of rose, mandarin, and lime create a special treat for your...
Quick View Muscle & Joint Balm, Spray-free

Muscle & Joint Balm, Spray-free

$19.99 - $29.99
The perfect pair: Kawakawa and Kānuka are combined to provide relief for aching muscles, sore joints, arthritic pain, and stiff muscles. Not sure? Come to a market and try it. Put some on your stiff neck or sore hand. Go for a wander. Realise that you...
Quick View Rosy Lip Balm, Organic

Rosy Lip Balm, Organic

Certified organic rose hip oil gives this lip balm its rosy colour. The oil is chocka with antioxidants & healing properties.Pure nourishment for your lips. Kokum butter, unrefined shea butter, & mango butter add to the magic. Your lips are left...