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Bath Salts, Detox, Organic

Organic Jojoba and Apricot kernel oils carry an aromatherapist derived combination of essential oils and Bach flowers to enhance detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and cleansing. Use these bath salts to complement your detox program. Overindulged? They...
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Bath Salts, Relaxing, Organic

A beautiful combination of magnesium sulphate, pink Himalayan rock salt, and New Zealand sea salt that will ease tension away. An aromatherapist derived combination of essential oils adds to the magic. The magnesium will help with stress relief, untangle...
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BodyBio Zinc Drops

Zinc. A trace mineral that is so very important to us. It helps with immunity, mood, digestion, fine motor skills, skin integrity, & hormone manufacture. Most enzymes require zinc to function.  If you're low on zinc, one of the first things to...
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Magnesium Oil Spray

$17.99 - $19.99
Magnesium shmeezium. Who needs it? We all do. It's used by almost every enzyme in our bodies. If you're not sleeping, you may need magnesium. Muscle cramps? Magnesium. While calcium causes muscles to contract, magnesium is required to make them...
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Vitamin C Powder, Chlorine Removal From Water

Chlorinated water can make eczema, psoriasis, or rashes worse.   Many clients have severely reacted to the chlorinated water here in Christchurch. Throughout New Zealand chlorinated water is the norm.   If you find chlorine exacerbates your...