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Argan Oil, Organic

$14.99 - $40.00
Argan oil. What’s not to love? It’s brilliant for your skin, your face, your lips, your nails, and your hair. Massage a few drops onto your freshly cleansed face before applying make-up (if you use make-up.) Use it on your skin after a bath...
Quick View Bath Salts, Detox, Organic

Bath Salts, Detox, Organic

Organic Jojoba and Sweet Almond oils carry an aromatherapist derived combination of essential oils and Bach flowers to enhance detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and cleansing. Use these bath salts to complement your detox program. Overindulged? They...
Quick View Bath Salts, Relaxing, Organic

Bath Salts, Relaxing, Organic

A beautiful combination of magnesium sulphate, pink Himalayan rock salt, and New Zealand sea salt that will ease tension away. An aromatherapist derived combination of essential oils adds to the magic. The magnesium will help with stress relief, untangle...
Quick View Beard Oil, Organic

Beard Oil, Organic

$24.99 - $29.99
Yup, it's an oil. For beards & moustaches. It moisturises and softens your facial mane. Let your beard be the best it can be. This oil is rich, decadent, & free from added fragrances. It won't mess with your other sweet smelling products. The...
Quick View Body Butter, Beautiful, Organic

Body Butter, Beautiful, Organic

$19.99 - $39.99
A change in size. Now 45 grams and 150 grams. Yes, it says 140 grams as the option, but know you are getting 150 grams instead. It's a computer thing that is doing The Nerd's head in. It'll be fixed soonish. But in the meantime, enjoy ordering 140 grams...
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Bug, Insect Repellent

$13.99 - $22.99
Are you the person everyone loves to have around because the bugs love you? Well, this is the repellent is for you. It helps repel sandflies, mosquitoes, midges, and flies.Enjoy your summer evenings again.Let others enjoy the onslaught of biting insects...
Quick View Chamomile Tea, Organic

Chamomile Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $15.00
Yes, just chamomile. Certified organic Matricaria recutita. It's an extremely versatile herb. Use as a tea to help calm nerves. It can help with anxiety, sleep, and stress. Use the cooled tea for nappy rash, sunburn, or dermatitis. The cooled...
Quick View Citrus Salt Scrub, Organic

Citrus Salt Scrub, Organic

Exfoliation with a salty flair. Absolutely brilliant after a workout or to awaken your senses in the morning. Organic oils moisturise while you are surrounded by a gentle citrus fragrance. Your skin is left glowing. A salt scrub? Yes. It's really...
Quick View Cleansing Oil, Organic

Cleansing Oil, Organic

$13.99 - $29.99
Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils provide gentle cleansing. Essential oils of Rose and Neroli help to calm sensitive skin.  This oil combination has been used in clinic to help with rosacea, delicate skin, inflammation, and sunburns. Use daily as a...
Quick View Conditioning Hair Mask, Organic

Conditioning Hair Mask, Organic

$12.99 - $27.99
A delicious treat for your hair. Oh my goodness it is amazing. Initially developed in clinic for severely damaged and sore scalps, its effects on hair were stunning. Full, shiny, silky hair. It has been tweaked a bit since its helpful beginnings, but...
Quick View D'em Bones Tonic

D'em Bones Tonic

Use this tonic for the maintenance of bone health or if you are living with osteopaenia. If you have osteoporosis and have had a fosamax injection, it is not recommended that you take this. We have used this in clinic for the treatment of osteopaenia...
Quick View Elderberry Syrup with Bach Flowers

Elderberry Syrup with Bach Flowers

Back in stock! 200 mls size only.   Science has finally caught up! Elderberries have proven antiviral and antimicrobial effects and can help with immune health. In the herbal world we've known that for a while. Even before we knew about microbes...