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Quick View Dave's Favourite Tea, Organic

Dave's Favourite Tea, Organic

Gentle, relaxing, delightful. Perfect to have by the fire.Just like Dave. Darjeeling tea combined with rose petals, cornflowers, & cinnamon. *Certified Organic Ingredients:*Darjeeling tea.*Rosa damascena petals (Rose)*Blue Cornflowers*Fair...
Quick View Hands, Organic

Hands, Organic

Treat your hands with our luxurious Hands oil. Eight organic, cold-pressed oils heal, hydrate, and smooth. You'll be amazed at how soft your hands feel even after one use. Rose scented, it is absolutely divine. New Zealand Harakeke seed oil helps to...
Quick View Hibiscus Flower Tea, Organic

Hibiscus Flower Tea, Organic

Hibiscus. It's a dark red tea full of tartness and flavour. The flowers are full of antioxidants (polyphenols) and vitamin C to help with colds, flu, boosting immunity, and with detoxification. It is lovely to drink hot or to pour over ice for those...
Quick View Kawakawa Oil, 100 mls

Kawakawa Oil, 100 mls

Deeply healing & nourishing. Dark green. Beautiful. Kawakawa Oil is a simple & effective way to calm itchy, inflamed skin. Our very own infused oil is brilliant for eczema, psoriasis, nappy rash, stretch marks, bruises, burns, tattoo healing...
Quick View Mānuka Day Cream, Organic

Mānuka Day Cream, Organic

Moisturising protection for beautiful skin.   Cold-pressed, virgin oils and unrefined shea butter provide protection from UV damage, pollution, and day to day stresses. Our day cream is chock full of the 'anties' we all know &...
Quick View Massage Oil, Peaceful, Organic

Massage Oil, Peaceful, Organic

$24.99 - $26.99
Gently fragranced. Thick, easily absorbed. Peaceful Massage Oil helps to heal and moisturise while you drift in and out of tranquil bliss. This luxurious combination of organic oils will spoil you for any other.   Baobab Oil improves skin...
Quick View Simplex Medicated Cream

Simplex Medicated Cream

$12.99 - $27.99
Oh my, the pain, the discomfort. Herpes. It stings, it burns. How did this happen? Maybe you know exactly how it happened. Either way, not fun. The first outbreak is usually the most painful and severe.  To help with the symptoms of herpes, apply...
Quick View Stress Tonic, 100 mls

Stress Tonic, 100 mls

Stressed? Exhausted? Do you find your energy picks up around 6 pm or 11 pm? How about that 3 pm crash? All signs of stress and adrenal exhaustion.  Use this tonic for, you guessed it, stress & exhaustion. It helps with adrenal health and...
Quick View Teabags, Unbleached Cotton, 5 count

Teabags, Unbleached Cotton, 5 count

Tea. It's pretty easy to open up the box, throw a teabag in the cup, squish it around and toss it in the compost. Really easy and sometimes, who's got the time for anything else? Teabags usually cost less than looseleaf tea, too. That's because they can...
Quick View Tooth Powder, Kānuka Citrus

Tooth Powder, Kānuka Citrus

Bright citrusy taste. Therapeutic grade essential oils leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Kānuka adds beneficial anti-viral, antimicrobial, & anti-inflammatory actions for our tooth powder. The blend of citrus helps with inflammation, has...
Quick View Tooth Powder, Mānuka Peppermint

Tooth Powder, Mānuka Peppermint

Crisp & refreshing. Therapeutic grade essential oils freshen breath, tend to inflammation and can help with microbial and fungal infections. Aluminium-free natural sodium bicarbonate gently cleans your teeth without abrading the enamel. No charcoal,...