Soothing Herbal Oil, Organic

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Herb Nerd NZ Soothing Herbal Oil, formerly known as Soothing Ear Oil, really came to the party this year in Niue! The Nerd smashed up her leg and with no Kawakawa to be found, Herbal oil came to the rescue. It helped decrease swelling and fast tracked healing. Yes, it will help with glue ear, waxy build up, itchy ears, ear infections, but it will also help with rashes, burns, swellings, & inflammation. You can see from the photo that the Soothing Herbal Oil was well used but much appreciated. 

This product has been used for years with my clients and my own children. The results are always the same--great! It contains Mullein which is renowned for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing effects.

Directions for Use:
For ear infections or glue ear: Place 1-2 drops in the affected ear. Stopper with cotton. Leave overnight. Repeat the next night if necessary. It may take up to four nights to resolve hard, waxy build up in the ear.

As always, with ear infections please consult with your physician.

Do not use if eardrum has burst or if grommets are in place.

Do not use cotton buds as they will push the wax back into the ear.

If you have recurrent waxy build up consider removing dairy and/or gluten from your diet as glue ear can be a symptom of a dietary intolerance. For more information, please consult your natural health care practitioner or your doctor. We are always keen to help.

For rashes, bruises, swellings: Drop on to affected area up to four times per day.

This product takes time to make. The organically grown Mullein flowers are infused in certified organic olive oil for six weeks. The oil is strained and re-infused with more Mullein flowers for an additional six weeks. At that point, the oil is ready to help.


Ingredients: Organically grown Verbascum thapsus flos, Certified organic Olea europaea oil. No preservatives. No other additives.



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