Colds, Flu, Sinus, Sore Throat

Quick View Chamomile Tea, Organic

Chamomile Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $15.00
Yes, just chamomile. Certified organic Matricaria recutita. It's an extremely versatile herb. Use as a tea to help calm nerves. It can help with anxiety, sleep, and stress. Use the cooled tea for nappy rash, sunburn, or dermatitis. The cooled...
Quick View Cough Tea, Organic

Cough Tea, Organic

  Helps with coughs, stuffiness, phlegm, & runny nose.It is calming, which always helps when a cough is involved.The tea is slightly bitter, sweeten if desired.Ginger makes a warming addition.   Contains herbs Marshmallow root,...
Quick View Elderberry Syrup with Bach Flowers

Elderberry Syrup with Bach Flowers

Science has finally caught up! Elderberries have proven antiviral and antimicrobial effects and can help with immune health. In the herbal world we've known that for a while. Even before we knew about microbes and viruses. The humble elderberry is an...
Quick View Elderflower & Elderberry Tea, Organic

Elderflower & Elderberry Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $12.00
During hayfever season this can help with the runny nose, the itchy eyes, the coughing, and the sneezing. The combination of Elderflower and Elderberries can help decrease the symptoms of colds, allergies & hayfever and can help with asthma. It's...
Quick View Immune Support Tea, Organic

Immune Support Tea, Organic

Use this tea to support your immune system. Best to get started now as the regular flu season is around the corner. Liquorice, Astragalus, & Siperian Ginseng all have immunomodulating effects. Elderberries are known anti-virals and anit-microbials...
Quick View Kawakawa & Marshmallow Throat Spray

Kawakawa & Marshmallow Throat Spray

Stock up for the coming cold and flu season. You know when there's that tickle in the back of your throat that says a cold is coming? Use this spray to knock it on the head before it takes hold. Works for sore throats, too. Our herbal throat spray...
Quick View Muscle & Joint Balm, Spray-free

Muscle & Joint Balm, Spray-free

$19.99 - $29.99
The perfect pair: Kawakawa and Kānuka are combined to provide relief for aching muscles, sore joints, arthritic pain, and stiff muscles. Not sure? Come to a market and try it. Put some on your stiff neck or sore hand. Go for a wander. Realise that you...
Quick View Purely Peppermint Tea

Purely Peppermint Tea

$3.99 - $20.00
Yum peppermint. It's soothing and refreshing all at the same time. Peppermint has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. It is known to help soothe the gut, reduce nausea, help with fevers and headaches, and act as a nasal decongestant...
Quick View Viral Tonic

Viral Tonic

This packs a herbal punch. It is a tonic to throw viruses to the mattresses. Tried and true in clinic when our winter flu season hits, you do not want to be without it. Finally in stock as most of my clients now have their supply. Use our viral tonic to...