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Bath Salts, Detox, Organic

Organic Jojoba and Apricot kernel oils carry an aromatherapist derived combination of essential oils and Bach flowers to enhance detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and cleansing. Use these bath salts to complement your detox program. Overindulged? They...
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Detox Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $15.00
Detox Tea. We've used it for years in clinic. I've used it myself and it tastes pretty good. It helps to eliminate the excesses of the holiday season or the sluggishness of a long winter. It's perfect for a spring cleanse or in conjunction with heavy...
Quick View Digestion Tea, Organic

Digestion Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $20.00
A tea for digestion, of course! This used to be named "Overindulged and Feeling Kind of Queasy." Digestion Tea is easier on the label.  It's peppery and soothing yet refreshing. The Kawakawa, Peppermint, Fennel & Cinnamon help with digestion...
Quick View Hibiscus Flower Tea, Organic

Hibiscus Flower Tea, Organic

Hibiscus. It's a dark red tea full of tartness and flavour. The flowers are full of antioxidants (polyphenols) and vitamin C to help with colds, flu, boosting immunity, and with detoxification. It is lovely to drink hot or to pour over ice for those...
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Kawakawa Tea, Spray-free

$3.99 - $15.00
Kawakawa makes for a really nice tea. It's peppery and refreshing. As a tea it can help with digestion, bloating, aches and pains, and arthritis. It's anti-inflammatory, has anti-microbial actions, and helps with stomach complaints. Add it soups, pasta...
Quick View Kidney Support Herbal Tea, Organic

Kidney Support Herbal Tea, Organic

Bless the kidneys, working away to maintain hydration levels, make vitamin D, make erythropoietin for red blood cell manufacture, remove toxins, and keep the mineral levels just so. And, if you're fasting, guess who's responsible for making glucose to...
Quick View Liver Cleanse Tea, Organic

Liver Cleanse Tea, Organic

It’s bitter, but that’s part of its charm. Bitters help the liver, so do your best to avoid sweetening this tea. The herbs in this tea help the liver do its thing. Dandelion root, Milk Thistle seeds, Globe Artichoke leaf, and Yellow Dock root...
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Magnesium Oil Spray

$17.99 - $19.99
Magnesium shmeezium. Who needs it? We all do. It's used by almost every enzyme in our bodies. If you're not sleeping, you may need magnesium. Muscle cramps? Magnesium. While calcium causes muscles to contract, magnesium is required to make them...
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Nettle Herb Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $15.00
Mmmmm, nettle. Everyone should have nettle tea. It's packed full of nutrition and is brilliant for skin, hair, and nails. Yes, it tastes a bit like a weed mixed with spinach. But honestly, it's a weed! Nettle combines well with lemon or ginger and you...