Allergies, Asthma

Quick View Elderflower & Elderberry Tea, Organic

Elderflower & Elderberry Tea, Organic

$3.99 - $12.00
During hayfever season this can help with the runny nose, the itchy eyes, the coughing, and the sneezing. The combination of Elderflower and Elderberries can help decrease the symptoms of colds, allergies & hayfever and can help with asthma. It's...
Quick View Hayfever Tea, Organic

Hayfever Tea, Organic

Ugh. Spring. Longer days, budding flowers, baby lambs, and hayfever. Runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, exhaustion, and headaches. Who needs it? And poos, you've got it. Hayfever Tea is a combination of herbs to help alleviate your symptoms...
Quick View Immune Support Tea, Organic

Immune Support Tea, Organic

Use this tea to support your immune system. Best to get started now as the regular flu season is around the corner. Liquorice, Astragalus, & Siperian Ginseng all have immunomodulating effects. Elderberries are known anti-virals and anit-microbials...
Quick View Liver Cleanse Tea, Organic

Liver Cleanse Tea, Organic

It’s bitter, but that’s part of its charm. Bitters help the liver, so do your best to avoid sweetening this tea. The herbs in this tea help the liver do its thing. Dandelion root, Milk Thistle seeds, Globe Artichoke leaf, and Yellow Dock root...
Quick View Slippery Elm Powder (not a tea)

Slippery Elm Powder (not a tea)

Slippery Elm powder. Most of us have heard of it before. Good for the gut. Helps with diarrhoea. Put it in a smoothie. And so on. Slippery Elm inner bark is a prebiotic food. It feeds the good guys in the gut. It's chock full of mucilage which the gut...