Vanilla Buttercream, Organic

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Thick & creamy. Delicious vanilla fragrance. If you love vanilla, you will love this body butter. Moisturising, toning, healing. A beautiful treat.
Unrefined shea butter. Pure, natural goodness for your skin. It retains its nutty fragrance giving this product it's gentle nut colour.
Cocoa butter helps to lock in moisture and nourish your skin. 
Coconut oil infused with Calendula, Chickweek, & Elderflower has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and possibly antiviral capabilities. It helps with dry skin, is emollient, & healing. 
Apricot kernel oil is infused with Calendula petals & Chamomile flowers providing more healing goodness.


Because there are no fillers nor stabilisers, this product will melt above 24 degrees Celsius. Please keep out of the sun and out of hot cars. 

Apply as desired. It is very moisturising!
It can be used after showering or bathing.

**Unrefined Vitellaria paradoxa fruit butter (Shea butter,)
**Fair trade, natural Theobroma cocao butter (Cocoa)
**Cold-pressed, virgin Coconut oil infused with
**Sambucus nigra flos (Elderflower), **Calendula officinalis corolla (Calendula petals), & **Stellaria media herb (Chickweed.)
**Cold-pressed, virgin Prunus armeniaca seed oil (Apricot kernel) infused with **Matricaria recutita flos (Chamomile flowers) & **Calendula officinalis corolla (Calendula petals.)
Essential oil blend.

No preservatives. No fillers. No other additives.



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