Witch's Brew Toner, Organic

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A brew of Witch Hazel, Rose petals, Hibiscus flowers, and Green Tea to help your beautiful skin. It's firming, healing, can help even skin tone.

Witch Hazel is renowned for its astringent qualities, tightening pores, decreasing inflammation, and helping with acne.
Rose is delicately calming, full of antioxidants, and is soothing for your skin providing the faint scent of rose.
Hibiscus flowers can help with inflammation and acne. It is toning and firming and helps your skin feel smoother and look brighter. 
Green Tea. Why not? It's got polyphenols that help repair skin, protect it from free radical damage, and helps with blemishes and wrinkles. Sounds pretty darn cool.
Overall, this could be a brilliant combination for your skincare routine.

As with any new product, please patch test for sensitivities or allergies. 

REFILL SIZE: 100 mls. No sprayer. Pour into used Witch's Brew spray bottle or mister of choice.

Directions for Use:
After cleansing spritz on to face.
Leave for one minute or more.
Apply moisturiser.

*Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) extract (may contain traces of alcohol.)
*Rose petals.
*Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flos (Hibiscus.)
*Houjicha green tea.
Bach Flower remedies.
May contain traces of alcohol.
*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient.

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